In this tech Article you can get prior knowledge about organizational benefits of Cloud computing and Office 365 with workshops provided by Microsoft and DMC software.

The software giant Microsoft has given us a huge range since they started their self as a company. Microsoft has given us different kinds of Windows Operating Systems and Office Suites. When you need to do your work on computer, then you use Microsoft Office and its several programs. Microsoft always gives us new technology software and application like Cloud.  Cloud computing is an internet based computing. Cloud computing is an evolution of the virtualization and service oriented architecture and it is a utility computing, you don’t need to be an expert of the technology infrastructure. It gives a new consumption, supplement and delivery model for IT services that are based on the Internet. Cloud has an application called SaaS. You can download it from the net and you can install and run it on our computer and simplifying maintenance and support. There is one more thing which is very important for Cloud and that is ICSM which is known as Integrated Cloud Service Management. It gives you primarily concerned with reducing costs associated with a new Cloud based Infrastructure.

Next year you all can get a very good offer by Microsoft and DMC that in upcoming year they both are going to do few workshops for you to understand features of Cloud and new Office 365. Workshops by DMC software to identify benefits of Cloud computing and Office 365 are scheduled on eight and nine February 2011, in London. In these workshops delegates are going to describe the Organizational benefits of Cloud computing technology including reduced business costs and improved productivity and enhanced collaboration, they will also provide information about the brand new Office 365 that can be caught in a live demonstration. Microsoft Office 365 is a new office suite for Microsoft Windows. Company announced on October 2010 that the product will be available for people in 2011 and this new Office is intended to complete with Google Docs which is a web based program suite. In Microsoft Office 365 you can access anywhere to email, documents and contacts on any device, you can get IT level phone support, disaster recovery and you can pay as you go with pricing flexibility. It is the latest version of Microsoft business productivity online suite that already has a big range of business users in all over the world.

DMC is a software solutions company and they are business partner with Microsoft and Sage. DMC gives software supports for people like if you want to use a software and you are having any kind of problem with that then DMC has highly qualified engineers who can take care of the whole installation of the software for you. They are giving initial and ongoing training to use new software system for you, they are giving online training to the sites of consumers and by that you can get skills to get the most of your software system.

Information in this Article will be useful for you to understand about Identify the organizational benefits of Cloud Computing and Office 365 with workshops provided by Microsoft and DMC Software.