Home video game console Microsoft Xbox 360, released in November 2005, last autumn. According to  a published data  on the official Microsoft blog the Xbox 360 recorded  most successful  sales in the year 2010 in its entire five-year history .According to the NPD Group, in December 2010, Microsoft Corporation has sold 1.9 million Xbox 360 units that was the best indicator in the history of the game console.  You will be amazed to know that Xbox 360 sales has once broken all the records and for a period of  60 days it  has touched  8 million sales record.

The latest Japan retail figures Video game console Microsoft Xbox 360 sales rank shows it at No. 8 in Japan. On Friday a Japan based company ,Media Create Co. has reported that the Microsoft sold 3,859 units of Xbox 360 between Jan. 3rd to   Jan. 9th and ranked as to No. 8 in overall sales.

Moreover, there is an increase in sales the Xbox 360 by 42 percent compared with 2009, which made the gaming console a leader in the industry. We  hereby take privilege to inform you  that consumers spent in  year 2010 on the Xbox 360 as much as $ 6.2 billion, that is more than on any other console, and the three most popular games for it as of December included Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Kinect Sports.

Xbox 360 is also ranked as Best-selling console in the U.S. in December 2010.Gamers bought 2.5 million units. Another gaming system which was liked on second rank was Nintendo – Wii – the leader among home consoles, with the result of 2.3 million units. Sales of consoles by  Sony – PS3 and PSP – not known.

Total sales of the gaming industry in December 2010 are 5.06 billion dollars, up 9% and the worst performance of sales was in the year 2009.  The Sales of consoles was decreased by 16%, to 1.84 billion dollars, and games – by 5% to 2.53 billion. At the same time, demand for accessories has grown by 10%, to 853.2 million. The reason is called the popularity of the sensor for the Xbox 360 – Kinect.

On the other hand, in the year 2011 the website Gamrfeed.vgcharts .com has given a sales analysis of all the available game consoles. On January 8th the site has given the sales analysis of first week of New Year season in which Microsoft Xbox 360 sales are recorded lowered and the reason behind slips in sale is that the holiday season is over now and the sales of Microsoft Xbox 360 is recorded down by 45 percent. The website has informed in worldwide hardware sales Microsoft Xbox 360 is losing 248,000

(-45%) with sales of 299,000.  In comparison to this the PSP sales are also down by 153,000 (-46%) with sales of 178,000 units only.