After debuting its game-centric second screen app on Android devices last month, Microsoft has now rolled out its Xbox SmartGlass app for the iOS devices. With this second screen app, you can magically transform your Apple devices into interactive second screens for Xbox 360. SmartGlass app allows you to browse and control content on your Xbox 360 from your tablet, while you are enjoying your favorite movie, game, music, or TV show. It also has the ability to display additional information about your favorite show or movie, like details about its cast, trivia, storyboard, and much more.

The keyboard of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod can be used as a controller to log in to your Xbox 360 account and browse Internet on the Xbox 360 with full keyboard control to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and stop videos and music running on your Xbox. The Xbox SmartGlass brings rich and interactive experience on your device, whether you are watching TV or playing games.

Additionally, users can also use their iOS devices to type messages and draft e-mails and send them across to their Xbox friends. SmartGlass app offers interactive multi-screen experience that allows you to connect multiple devices to your Xbox entertainment. The interface is also more appealing, displaying five different modes that you can swipe through using the second screen app. This includes Bing search, social, home, discover, and recent. It also enables the users to change their profile, their avatar, and chat with their friends and family.

Key features:

  • Easy navigation through swipe and tap¬†functionality
  • iOS device keyboard can be used to type to your Xbox 360 account
  • Convenient Internet browsing on Xbox 360 with full keyboard and zooming¬†functionality
  • Enables users to change their profile and avatar
  • Easily connect to your Xbox community
  • Rich interactive experience with full Xbox catalog of music, games, and videos

How to use the SmartGlass app?

  • To enjoy the new Smartglass app, make sure your Xbox 360 is running the latest update.
  • Log in to your iOS device and your Xbox console with your Xbox Live account.
  • Connect to the Xbox through your iOS device and then swipe and then navigate to the various dashboard screens through the simple swipe and tap functionality to trigger different features.

The Xbox SmartGlass app is available for free and can be downloaded easily from the app store .

Image credit: cnet