Microsoft and Google cooperation is still holding a big share of United State search-engine market, while Yahoo Inc. has lost its search engine market in U.S. as per the data collected by ComScore Inc. in month. The data collected in the survey by ComScore Inc. reveals that the share of Google rose to 66.6 % in the month of December, while it was 66.2 % in the month of November. This shows that Google made a good hold in the Search engine market share of U.S., while yahoo and Bing lose their hold in search engine market.

If we take a look on Microsoft, it made an increment in its search engine market in U.S. Microsoft made an increment from 11.8 % to 12%, according to recent survey in a Virginia based ComScore. Apart from this, Yahoo Inc. revenue of search engine market in U.S. has dropped to 16 % from 16.4 %. This survey shows that Google and Microsoft made a good increment in the U.S. Search engine market while yahoo has decremented his business. This is the reason behind why yahoo is looking up for a tie with Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Google is most popular for its advance search engine features. The most of the revenue of this company comes from search advertising and it is still working to maintain its dominance. Most of the revenue of Google is used up to maintain its dominance. Google is the best search engine available today and it is trying hard to maintain its lead. No doubts Google is leader in the search engine market but still there are other competitors like yahoo and Bing. The first and the foremost competitor of Google is the Microsoft’s search engine Bing. Bad news for Google is that Microsoft will provide Bing as the default search engine in its latest version of Microsoft internet explorer in Microsoft windows and it’s the reason people tend to use the Microsoft’s Bing search engine. These days Yahoo is focusing on its search functions and incorporating with the Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Yahoo Inc. also has its own search engine yahoo search. After Google, the countdown begins with Bing and Yahoo in the search engine market. Now these two companies are incorporating their capabilities altogether, as Yahoo is incorporating its search engine features with Microsoft Bing search engine. These two companies are farming out their search functions together and splitting their revenue.

Apart from this, Google and Microsoft alone take a great U.S. search engine market share. But with the in cooperation with yahoo, Bing could make a difference in the share of search engine market. The United State ad search market generates great revenue every year. Last year the revenue generated by U.S. ad search was $12.4 billion. The total revenue from ad- search in 2010 takes a lead of 16 % from 2009, as per the survey data of EMarketer Inc.