The expert engineers working for Yahoo, Inc. actually started to test some keywords in the search advertising system of Microsoft Corp. for the very first time. This is actually Yahoo’s key step when it comes to implementing a comprehensive search agreement that these two aforementioned companies highly hope will be able to reshape the industry they are involved in.

About the Shadow Tests

They called these tests the shadow tests, since they somehow replicate precisely how the keywords perform whenever the advertisers of yahoo are plugged into the adCenter system of Microsoft. This system is actually set to power the paid search businesses of these two companies soon. The results that are acquired from the test will help in figuring out whether or not Microsoft as well as Yahoo can successfully flip the switch on their unconventional partnership on Fall.

According to the search engine marketer of Efficient Frontier, David Karnstedt, the next two weeks are going to be relatively critical. These tests have actually been only implemented a whole year after the announcement of the alliance. Still, despite being applied quite late, it is actually part of the meticulously planned blueprint that Microsoft, as well as Yahoo, has been hoping to have the ability for positioning these two companies as highly efficient counterweight to Google, Inc.

Although it may be true that the partners will probably have less than a third of the $12.4 billion that is associated within the US search market, both Microsoft and Yahoo are interested in obtaining adequate scale in order to come up with better returns to show to their list of advertising clients. This way, they are able to collect much more revenue for themselves, as well as generate more profits for their loyal investors.

Revenue-Sharing Agreement

Microsoft strongly hopes that a revenue sharing pact that is good for ten years will be very helpful in converting its ailing online services division into a business that garners lots and lots of profit. Yahoo states that the aforementioned pact will end up allowing the company to somehow cut some costs. This way, the whole company can focus more on display advertising as well as delivering search results in methods that are much more innovative.

Soon enough, the Bing search engine of Microsoft will end up powering the searches that are done in the websites of Yahoo, as well as the other websites that are associated with it. The small and midsize advertisers will make use of the adCenter paid search platform so that they can buy keywords and also put their advertisements on the web pages. The sales people of Yahoo will take care of the biggest advertising accounts for both of the companies.

At this point, Yahoo is actually free in choosing whichever partner they want for search advertising and also for mobile search. For now, the company is pretty verbal in stating that they somehow rely largely on Microsoft within the UK, the US, France, as well as in Canada.