Seems, tablets have truly come of age. 2011 witnessed the launch of a spectrum of tablets. Some of them came, took over and are still ruling, while others could not steal the limelight. Tablets have become a niche segment of computers; they are smart and elegant, and no doubt the newest fad.

Since the potential client base is increasing rapidly, the high-end tablet market is booming. Tablets are being owned by every age-group and therefore, the role of tablets in enterprise mobility has also taken a center stage. The introduction of tablets has even posed a threat to the existence of netbooks, as the former is compact and hence more portable than the latter.

Let us discuss some of the most popular tablets that are dominating the market and shooting their sales graph higher with each coming day.

Apple iPad 2

iPad 2, the king of all tablets is the successor to the first iPad. Seems that Apple Inc. thought of coming up with something super sleek and nimble to eliminate the blues of iPad – the hefty version. The immense popularity of iPad 2 can be seen from the fact that on the one hand where Apple sold over 11 million units of iPad 2, other companies could sell merely 1 million units altogether. Starting at a price of $499, iPad 2 is the first preference of everyone who opts to buy a tablet.

HP TouchPad

The tablet discontinued by HP was the only one that posed a serious threat to the popularity of iPad 2. After iPad 2, it was HP TouchPad, which gained influence. Several critical flaws with which it was released and the discontinuation of WebOS were some of the major reasons for the tragic downfall of the HP tablet. Apparently, in order to save them from landing into soup, HP decided to put a siege on the range of tablets and sold the left over heaps from its inventory for $99. Oh! What a collapse. The remaing inventory is still on sale for a much higher price on Amazon, eBay and HP Office Depot.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab was another hit this year. The tablet resembles iPad 2. The 7- inch tablet comprises extensive features like a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 16 GB of storage and 1GB RAM. Samsung puts it across like “ at workplace, it turns work into play for results that are both innovative and rewarding and while away from work, it seeks to make every moment of relaxation even more enriching.” Samsung Galaxy Tab is the sleekest of all Andorid tablets and was among the top-selling gadgets of 2011.

Amazon Kindle Fire

At an affordable price of $199, Amazon Kindle Fire attracted a lot of customers, despite the fact it doesn’t have a camera or 3G connectivity. The USP of Kindle Fire could be perhaps the Amazon Appstore. Running on Android OS, Kindle Fire offers complete entertainment. It became a more compelling tablet owing to Amazon Prime – the special membership program by Amazon. Kindle Fire has been a great bargain deal for all those who couldn’t afford an iPad 2, but were looking for a reliable tablet.

Barnes and Noble Nook

While Amazon Kindle Fire was still on the top, Barnes and Noble Nook tablet – priced at $250, with some extra features, gave Kindle – a run for its money. The device that was transformed from an e-reader to a fully fledged Android Powered tablet, has fared quite well in the market. The Nook Store provides a multitude of apps. Albeit slightly more expensive, Nook tablet is worth the price, given the additional features it offers. Barnes and Noble Nook satisfied the tablet-cravings of many.

The year 2011 saw the best tablets in the making. Tablet market flourished at its best. With new OS, software, array of apps, and a pursuit to introduce improved products, there was a long list of success as well as failures attached. Let’s see what’s in store for the next year. Here’s hoping for another successful run in 2012.

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