AMD has launched its new eight and 12-core x86 server processors that will be used in servers from hardware partners Acer, Cray, Dell, Digicor, HP and Xenon. With the launch of new eight and 12-core x86 server processors, AMD is all set to challenge the “second wave” of server requirements from enterprises. The new Opteron 6000 series will be catering four socket, eight socket and higher end two socket servers.

The Opteron 6000 processors use the same architecture as that of the previous processors from AMD. AMD is also looking forward for launching 12-core and 16-core server processors. AMD has also confirmed that all the processors that will be released this and next year will be compatible with the AMD’s G34 socket.

Where AMD previously offered three different platforms to cater for one to eight-socket servers, the processor manufacturer will now only offer two for all server platforms. The Opteron 6000 series, announced this week, will cater to four and eight-socket platforms, as well as higher-end two-socket servers. The Opteron 4000 “Lisbon” series processors are expected sometime before July, and will cater to one-socket and lower-end two-socket servers.

The use of a single chipset over several server platforms will ensure that the “4P servers will be more accessible so that same APIs, BIOS code and same drivers across the different AMD servers.

AMD has not officially announced the prices yet but it is expected that the low-end eight-core processor will cost $US266 and the 6176 SE 12-core processor will cost $1386.