Acer is going to be one of the first major computer vendors to sell systems. Acer will be selling systems based on AMDs’ latest Opteron server chips, the 6100 series. With HP, Dell and Cray in this race, soon Acer will be announcing servers that will be based on the Opteron 6100 series.

Apart from selling computer like Acer Aspire One netbook, Acer also has a name in selling servers as well. But now, Acer has decided to enter the server market and the Taiwan based computer company will be targeting high-performance computing market along with the small and medium sized businesses.

The Opteron 6100 series, earlier known as Magny-Corus consist of 10 chips that have either 8 or 12 cores. The Opteron 6100 can offer speed from 1.7GHz to 2.4GHz. The price varies from US$266 up to $1,386 each in 1,000-unit quantities of the Opteron 6100 series chips.

The Opteron 6100 series chips are designed for servers that have two or four processors and offer significantly better performance than AMD’s current offerings. Made using a 45-nanometer process by contract chip maker Global Foundries, the Opteron 6100 series chips consist of two silicon dies packaged together, each with four or six cores.

Servers based on the Opteron 6100 chips will be released along with the technology from the other chip manufacturing companies like Intel. The sales of servers were hit by the slowdown in the market but it is expected that the sales of servers will grow from the middle of 2010.