Though there was no response from Adobe regarding the Apple’s decision of keeping Flash from its devices like iPhone, iPad etc but now, Apple has changed its decision.  The war between Apple and Adobe got heated when Steve Jobs came up with a statement in which he stated that Flash delivers poor performance.

But now, after acknowledging that the future of Flash is not shady, Apple has recently added an official API that will help Adobe regarding the improvement of Flash’s performance. The new API added by Apple will access the H.264 decoding features of some NVIDIA GPUs which have been used in recent devices from Apple. This API will help Adobe to improve the performance of Flash Player during video playback.

The decision regarding keeping Flash off from Apple’s devices came because of the performance disparity that Mac users experienced while going for Flash. The reason behind the performance disparity of Flash with the MAC OS is that Mac OS X lacks APIs which are used by Adobe for Flash Player on Microsoft’s Windows Operating System.

Apple has recently added a Video Decode Acceleration Framework (VDAF) in its Man OS X 10.6.3 update. With these APIs, Adobe will be able to access the H.264 decoding hardware which is present in the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, 320M, and GT 330M GPUs.

Adobe has confirmed that after the addition of these APIs, Adobe will start working on an additional Flash Player release which will be released shortly after Flash Player 10.1 to include this functionality for the hardware configurations supported by the new APIs.

Well after hearing this news, most of the users who are using Macs, including NVIDIA 9400M-equipped MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, and Mac minis will be happy. The APIs will also work on the MacBook Pro models that were released earlier this month. However, the users who are using older Macs or still running Leopard or older versions of Mac OS X will not be so lucky to get these updated APIs.