With the introduction of the third generation key-less iPod shuffle, Apple began the production of inline remote control with its ear buds but, there were complaints from the users end regarding the failure of the controls. But now, Apple has come up with a new program that will solve the problem. After detecting the cause of the problem, Apple is going to replace the defective or problematic headphones free of charge.

The Apple headphones with remote, bearing the serial number in the range of xx909xxxxxx to xx952xxxxxx or xx001xxxxxx to xx004xxxxxx that came with iPod shuffle and were manufactured between February 2009 and February 2010 were mainly affected. Apple will be providing replacement for the defected headphones that bear the above mentioned serial numbers, with two years guarantee from the date of purchase. If your headphones have stopped working within these two years, you are sure to get them replaced.

Apple made sure that the Apple “In-Ear” headphones; with remote and mic and Apple earphones with remote and mic should also be covered within this replacement program. Apple has not specified the cause of the problem but maybe the sweat, from working out using the Apple iPod shuffle is the reason for the problem.

In case you have the Apple iPod shuffle and you are facing problems with the headphones that you got with the Apple iPod shuffle, you will have to visit the Apple local store or you can use Apple’s online service assistant to get the service. If you have got rid of the problematic headphones in frustration, you will not be getting any replacement, as you will have to give the defected pair of headphones at the time of replacement.