Acer and ASUS have joined hands to compete with Apple’s iPad. ASUS and Acer the two Taiwan-based computer manufacturer have decided that they will be releasing tablet computers that will give competition to Apple’s iPad.

ASUS and Acer along with the Taiwanese companies like Quanta Computer Inc., Compal Electronics Inc. and Wistron Corp. have engaged themselves to make and launch tablet PCs. With the launch of Apple iPad and the response Apple iPad got from its customers, these computer manufacturers are conducting tests and have decided that they will be launching tablet PCs in the third quarter of this year.

Tablet PCs have been in the market for more than five years now. Microsoft was the first company to launch tablet PC. Microsoft came out with its first model of tablet PC in 2002 but it was unable to get good response. The reason for the failure of Microsoft’s tablet PC was extremely high price, bulky exterior along with poor software compatibility. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad has been a revolution in the market of tablet PC. The slim and ultra portable quality and some outstanding features have made Apple’s iPad favorite among the consumers that are looking to buy a tablet PC. While Apple is all set to release iPad this April, other computer manufacturers have taken the concept of tablet PC seriously.

It is believed that the two computer manufacturers, Acer and ASUS will bring tablet PC for less than $400 per unit in reply to the $499 iPad. Moreover the two computer manufacturing giants will add some extra features along with the advanced specifications and performance.

J.T Wang, chairman of Acer, believes that it will not be easy to outdo Apple’s iPad unless and until they come up with better application services and integrated software solutions.