If you are fed up of paying hefty phone bills while on international roaming, then we have some good news for you. AT&T, the world’s leader in telecommunication services, has rolled out its new global add-on packages that will make your travelling more affordable. The wireless carrier has announced several new calling, texting, and Wi-Fi data transfer plans for its mobile phone users on the go.

Effective from today, these ‘Europe and rest of the world’ options will join the Canada and Mexico plans that were launched by AT&T in June, earlier this year. The AT&T’s three all-new ‘talk + text’ plans offer much better rates and more choices for overseas yappers. Called as the Travel Minutes packages, the plans provide a block of fixed voice minutes in three different geographical regions of the world: Canada and Mexico, Europe, and the ‘rest of the world’. The plans, priced at $30, $60, and $120, offer different usage time in different regions of the world.

  • For Canada and Mexico, Travel Minutes offer 30 minutes for $30 per month, 200 minutes for $60 per month, and 500 minutes for $120 per month, with a $0.50 per minute overage charge.
  • For Europe, Travel Minutes packages allow 30 minutes for $30 per month, 80 minutes for $60, and 200 minutes for $120, with a $1 per minute overage charge.
  • Whereas, for the rest of world, the AT&T Travel Minutes packages allow 15 minutes for $30 per month, 40 minutes for $60 per month, and 100 minutes for $120 per month, with a $2 per minute overage charge.

The AT&T also offers data and messaging plans for its smartphone users. The new Global Messaging package offers 600 messages for $60 per month. Messages can be either texted, sent as images, or as a video. In addition to this Global Messaging package, AT&T also offers 200-message pack for $30/month and 50-message pack for $10/month.

We’re sure that with the launch of AT&T Travel Minutes packages, using smartphones while travelling overseas will become way more affordable, if not cheaper.

Image credit: Chip Chick