You must have noticed some pretty hefty changes on Google+ over the past few days. Inclusion of Google+ Pages is one such significant improvement that was made available on Google+ last month. By including Google+ pages, the emerging social networking platform has opened doors for businesses to connect with their customers with a lot more interactivity and ease.

It is a known fact that every month, billions of people around the world use the Google search engine to reach to the webpages that they are looking for. Google+ Pages allows businesses to potentially tap into that traffic as Google has started showing up Google+ Pages in its search results.

A Google+ feature, ‘Direct Connect’, plays an important role over here. If a user is searching for a company’s page on Google+, he just needs to add a ’+ sign’ before the company’s name in the search bar. After hitting the ‘Search’ button, he will be taken directly to the company’s Google+ Page. However, it is noteworthy that the company must have a Google+ Page. Not only this, the user can also recommend the business page with +1 and add the page to his ‘Circles’. Adding the business page to Circles ensures that the user can follow all the company’s posts. Users can also chat with the company’s representatives using the Google+ ‘Hangout’ feature.

What’s more, the companies can provide their official homepages’ links in their Google+ Pages. These along with some other features provide enough reasons to own a Google+ Page for companies even if they are swamped with followers on other social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

To know more about the Google+ Pages and create one for your business, click here.

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