Some of the most attractive deals and discounts happen on Black Friday. And with 2012 Black Friday drawing closer, every e-commerce website and departmental store is busy rounding up all possible tech deals, making this year’s Black Friday surprisingly exciting for their customers.

Admits the super bargains that every retailer is throwing to magnetize its customers, it becomes really hard to choose the deal that is actually worth getting excited about. And if you, like many others, are braving the crowd for a Black Friday deal and are still figuring out on which gadget your should try your hands on, then we’re here to help you. Check our list for some of the hottest door-buster tech deals in the town:


Most people will not be surprised to hear that tablets are topping the list of best tech deals this year. Some of the hottest deals and bargains in this category include:
•    Samsung galaxy Tab 2 for $180 – at Best Buy
•    Apple iPad 2 (16GB with Wi-Fi) for $399 — at Walmart
•    Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch for $79  — at Barnes & Noble


Looking for a camcorder or a low-cost point-and shoot snapper, here are the best deals available:
•    Nikon Coolpix S3100 camera (14MP/720p video) for $99 — at Best Buy
•    Samsung Smart ST195 Digital Camera for $99 – at Walmart
•    Canon Rebel T3 DSLR for $480 — at Target
•    Nikon D3000 Digital Camera With Lens Kit for $449 – at Walmart


Black Friday deals are offering a wide variety of options on televisions to its users, both in size and price. But out of all the discounts that are being offered, Samsung has emerged as a true winner.
•    70-inch Sharp HDTV (1080p, 120Hz) for $1,798 – at Walmart
•    60-inch Vizio Smart HDTV (1080p) for $688 – at Best Buy
•    43-inch Samsung Plasma HDTV (720p, 600 Hz) for $378 — at Walmart
•    40-inch Samsung LED HDTV (1080p) for $497 — at Best Buy
•    22-inch Samsung LED HDTV (1080p) for $198 — at Best Buy
•    32-inch Emerson LCD TV (720p) for $188 — at Walmart

Gaming consoles

Even recently released hot titles will see good bargains during this shopping season. If you are looking to own a gaming console, Walmart offers some of the best Black Friday discounts.
•    Xbox 360 4G console (with Kinect and “Kinect Adventures”) for $199.99 — at Walmart
•    Xbox 360 4G console (with Skylanders bundle) for $149 — at Walmart
•    Xbox Kinect (with “Kinect Adventures”) for $100— at Walmart
•    Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle (250GB, Skyrim, Forza 4, Headset) for $199 – at Best Buy
•    PlayStation 3 160GB console (with “Little Big Planet 2” and “Rachet and Clank 4”) for $200 — at Walmart
•    Nintendo Wii console for $100 (Normally $150) — at Walmart


If you are out to buy a laptop, then Best Buy bundle offer might attract you. The offer includes a Samsung 15.6-inch laptop with a 500GB hard drive, a wireless mouse, Webroot security software, a laptop sleeve, and an 8GB flash drive for just $349.95. Other bargains include:
•    13.3-inch MacBook Air (1.7GHz processor and 4GB RAM) for $1099 — at Best Buy
•    15.6-inch HP Laptop (4GB RAM and 320 GB hard drive) for $279 – at Walmart


Black Friday is the best time to go for a desktop hunt. Some of the best deals in this category include:
•    HP P2-1394 Core i3 desktop for $350 – at Best Buy
•    Dell Inspiron Core i5 desktop with 20-inch monitor for $500 – at Buy
•    HP AMD dual-core 3GB DDR3 500GB HD desktop for $298 — at Walmart
•    24-inch Sony Intel Core i3 4GB RAM for $900— at Staples


A handful of monitor deals that can be found during this Black Friday include:
•    24-inch Samsung LED monitor for $139.99 – at Staples
•    20-inch HP LED wide-screen monitor for $79.99 – at Staples
•    20-inch Acer LED wide-screen monitor for $90— at Best Buy
•    20-inch LG LED widescreen monitor for $110— at Best Buy
•    23-inch Acer LED widescreen monitor for $160— at Best Buy

So spot your product and get some great savings on your gadget this Black Friday.