If you love using Mozilla Firefox Browser and are looking for a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application for it, then here’s the most reliable option– FireFTP Extension. The client gives you complete control over managing various log-ins, passwords, along with various connection settings. FireFTP installs as an extension and completely integrates with your Mozilla Firefox browser, thereby offering you standard FTP features.

FireFTP also supports authenticated SSL and TSL along with implicit SSL to initiate secure transfers. This free secure cross-platform FTP/SFTP provides a safe and intuitive access to FTP/SFTP servers. You can easily manage your files on your website and also download files in FTP very efficiently and smoothly.

What’s more, this handy extension also lets you upload various files. The simple FTP client has support for multiple accounts. It also comprises a system of ‘logs’ with which you can see all the program activity. The command console performs operations manually.

You can transfer files manually between your local computer and a server on the Internet. Here is the list of tasks for which you can use FreeFTP:

• Downloading/uploading images, movie, documents, and music
• Maintaining and publishing website
• Renaming files and also for creating/deleting directories
• Sharing of files and also to keep a back up or remote files
• Keeping a session log
• Setting up any program easily

FireFTP is accessible from ‘Tools’ in the menu bars. You can also add the FireFTP icon to the tool bar via customization options. Additionally, it also runs smoothly with Mozilla Firefox extensions like Tab Mix Plus, AdBlock Plus and Foxy Tunes.

FireFTP is an amazing extension for Mozilla Firefox. You can download it from here .

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