It seems that these days there is an app for everything. But here are five apps we wish existed. And we hope that in future we find them on the app stores.

1) Boss Tracking app

This is an app to die for. With love for Facebook and Twitter rising every minute, it’s almost like a test to keep one’s hands off from clicking into their favorite social networking sites. But at workplaces, bosses will frown upon this habit of yours.

Here is an app that we wish existed. This app will alert you every time your boss is monitoring you. It will be your Boss Tracking app. So, the next time you are happily retweeting your favorite tweets and your boss is gently walking past you, this app on your phone shows you a red flash. And you are on your guards. If this app comes to life, it’s going to be a life savior. Whoops! We meant job savior.

2) Relationship Alert app

If this app exists half of the troubles will be wiped off from the face of the earth. It’ll mean no more heartbreaks and long sleepless nights. This app will do what century old advice have failed doing. This Relationship Alert app will save the user from heartbreaks. Every time you meet someone you feel attracted towards, this app will tell you if pursuing that person will be worth it. There would be a green light the moment we meet our soulmate.

If such an app exists, the whole human race will be thankful. Of course that would mean no more sad songs.

3) Bad Job Alert app

If you are spending more than half of your day in your workplace and you don’t like your job, you would know the agony of sitting through the day. Even if you like your job but work under a bad boss, it can really get the stress levels high. The third app on our wish list is a Bad Job Alert app. The moment we go for an interview, this app should say if we are really cut out for the demands of the job and of course the boss.

If this app comes into existence, anyone who hates their job will be grateful for having a job and a boss of their choice. It sounds weird, but hey it’s something we truly wish for.

4) Bad Investment app

If this app comes into existence, there would be no economic slowdown ever. We really wish and pray that such an app should come into existence. Every time we are making an investment, this Bad Investment app should actually tell us with a green light that it’s the right one and a red light when it’s a bad choice. This warning should not come only when we are investing in shares or stocks but also before purchasing property or any other kind of investment.

If such an app comes into existence, money would grow everywhere. The financial experts can take a backseat then.

5) Who Fought First app

While growing up, fights between siblings become a routine. And it becomes a battleground no parent wants to trod, but they are bound to. Every time a fight begins, kids have this amazing knack of always blaming the other for the fight. Who began the fight is a debate every parent has to dive in. It’s a tricky spot to be in. And every kid complains of taking sides, when the verdict is not in his/her favor. But this Who Fought First app will automatically tell you which kid started the fight, which will bring back peace in the house.

If wishes were horses we would all want these apps to exist. But with technology conquering all frontiers, we hope one day we will have this wish list of apps fulfilled. Fingers crossed!