Apple recently celebrated 100 million downloads from Apple’s Mac App Store. There is an app for anything and everything. From waking us up in the morning to lulling us back to sleep, the app store has it all. But there are some apps that will make you think “Isn’t it crazy?” Listed below are five crazy apps from the Apple Mac App Store:

1) Pimple Popper

Most of us have experienced the agony of a pimple that sprouts on our faces occasionally. Yes! the hands can’t stop till we squeeze it out. Yet it’s not the best of sight to see someone oozing the puss of a pimple. But wait, here is an app that will give you the pleasure of popping a virtual pimple.

This app promises you the delight of squeezing three types of pimple that require different techniques. And the frontiers to conquer are: blackheads, whiteheads and full blown pimples. And Presto! You can share this game with your friends. It promises to be as realistic as possible.

This app takes the first place in our list of craziest apps. If you are a pimple squeezing fan, click here to download.

2) Free Badges

This app seems best for people who are badly in need of attention in life. This app offers 17 badges of which seven are editable. There are badges like that of a Special Agent and an FBI Agent. But this app features in our list because if anyone goes around the town with a badge flashing out of their mobile screen, will anyone trust? Worse still, if you impersonate a cop, you could land yourself up in jail.

This app might just be an ego booster for you. No matter what badge you create for yourself, you cannot be that in real life without inviting trouble. However, if you are curious and want to give it a try, click here to download it.

3) SimStapler

This app is third in our list. It promises to be a vehicle of imagination. All you need to do is tap the virtual stapler which will produce the sound of a real stapler pinning papers. This app wants us to imagine stapling the Magna Carta or our everyday bills. But will anyone who has a life sit on imagining bills being pinned by hearing a sound? Highly unlikely!

This app stands on the third place in this list. But if you are someone who wants to give it a try, download it here.

4) Fake Smoker

The name itself suggests that this is not for real. This app allows the user to have a lighted cigarette pop on the screen. You can tap the screen and the ash will fall or if you don’t, the ashes will fall every five minutes. This app promises to be a substitute to smoking. Even those who don’t smoke can use it without the need of actually smoking a cigarette. But just by using it on the screen, it’s difficult to understand how it can take away cravings of smoking. And how does any non smoker feel like a smoker just by using this app? More than anything, this app absolutely confuses people. It stands on the fourth place in this list. But if you want to check it for yourself, click here.

5) iNap@Work

This app is for almost everyone who goes to office. Post lunch there is always an urge to take a nap. This app will help you take a nap and make your boss even believe that you were at work. All you need to do is set this app and go off to sleep. This app creates a variety of sounds — from keyboard typing to even human sounds like sniffling or clearing of throat. With these sounds you can make anyone standing outside your door believe that you are buried in work. But just do not get comfortable with your naps; imagine someone just walking in for something and finding you in “sleep mode”? And what if that someone is your boss?

This app takes the fifth place in this list of crazy apps. And this is to all those who would dare taking naps at office: You can download this app here.

These apps make it to the top five crazy apps. With the growing list of apps, there will be more to add in the coming days.