The World is changing every day and so do the people, the requirement of an individual is so high now that it’s really hard for anyone to fulfill. Gadgets and technology need quick upgrades and update improve the customer’s experience. It’s been more than a decade that the computer was introduced in the market and now the scene has changed, the computer for a personal use is more powerful than required. The feature of a personal computer has changed and it’s has changed so drastically that one computer with a good configuration can also work as a data hub, server etc. this is really out of imagination for a person of last generation. The urge of technology started with PC and with Basic OS that was Windows 95 and then multiple options were there in the market, immediately Windows 98 came and then it ranged to the last Windows Vista. People waited for something different which could not only satisfy their urge of technology but also should provide some better and faster service.

It’s been two years after the debut of Windows 7 and will finally change itself to be the best and the leading operating system in the market by the end of 2011. Before 2011 gets over, the user of Windows 7 would rise to the benchmark of 42% globally. Gartner’s research that most of the computers approximately 94% of computer which would be shipped this year would have Windows 7 as the operating system, which means 635 Million of computer, would have the leading Operating system. Recent news states that windows XP is losing the dominance from the Global Market. Many organizations has migrated their PCs from Windows XP to Windows 7, which has increased their productivity because of the latest applications and faster speed.

The Improvements in IT Budget 2010 and 2011 are helping to speed up the deployment of Windows 7 in global market. Well the deployment factor and growth percentage depends on the economic condition as well as natural disaster because Tsunami in Japan leads to slightly late and slows the deployment program across the world.

Gartner expects that Windows 7 would be the last Operating system that enterprises would directly opt in large scale and later they would use virtualization and cloud computing. Gartner also claimed that MS OS would expect a sale of 4.5% of personal computers and by 2015 it would grow up to 5.2%. Though apple has a good hold over the market of North America and Western Europe. However, people would still choose Windows because of the user friendly interface and ease of integration. Talking about other operating system Linux would hold a different position in the global market because of its security features, other operating system like Google Chrome OS, P’s WebOS and Android would surely hit some part in Computer world. Thus, user would like to use it for hand held computers.
Next year ‘OS agnostic’ applications would be there for Chrome OS and Android in the consumer PC market, forecasts Gartner.