This may come as a disappointment for many iPad fans across the world; but the latest news is that Apple has decided to delay the international release of the iPad by the end of May.

Apple blames the delay on the unprecedented amount of demand that has been in the U.S. market as it sold 300,000 units on the first day itself. With the initial price of $499 for the iPad, many Apple fans are looking forward to the hyped, touch screen interface tablet, around the world.

However there are critics that are beginning to question whether the delay is at all linked to the lack of supply and greater demand debate. Critics are suggesting that there may be a malfunctioning or an up gradation that the iPad might require for the international market.

After the first few days of release of the iPad in the U.S. many users complained about lack of connectivity problems. Apple did go on damage control mode and suggested the connectivity problems are entirely linked to the vendor through which users might be getting their connections. However as the iPad only use Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, countries around the world are still locating companies that may just provide connectivity for the iPad.