After installing a browser, the first thing that a user does is to install the Flash player from Adobe. Without the Flash player it is impossible to view certain websites as well as the videos on the Internet. But now, Google has decided to make things easier for its user.

Google has decided to build Flash in its browser Google Chrome. Now, Google has decided to support the Adobe Flash player in its own browser Chrome. Google will be including the Adobe Flash plug in into its home browser – Google Chrome. This means that now there will be no need to update the browser or install the Flash Player plug in from Adobe.

Although the new devices from Apple like iPad, iPod and iPhone are using HTML5 which is a revised version of HTML. In HTML5, there is no need to install Flash player from Adobe as video rendering alternative is available in HTML5. But now, with this encouraging news for Adobe the future of Flash player is not shady.

No doubt that after the Flash player is included in the Google Chrome browser, the browser will get bulky and there will be no need to update the Flash player. Google has said that the reason for including the Adobe Flash player is that Google needs to work with companies like Mozilla and Adobe to create a next generation Internet browser along with the browse plug-ins. There is a plug-in manager in the latest version of Google Chrome browser that can be used to manage the plug-ins.
Since Adobe Flash player is the most popular web browser plug-in and the support it has got from Google the future of Adobe Flash is secure.