If you love gaming and if you have an iPhone, you are going to love this. TwitchTV is now coming on iOS. TwitchTV, which broadcasts live-streamed video games and allows users to chat with each other, was launched in early June 2011. It has gained immense popularity; it is estimated that an average of 3.2 million users visit the site per month, 45 million videos are streamed per month and 4.5 hours of videos are watched by gamers per month.

Twitch TV helps professional gamers to broadcast their videos, which means other gamers can watch you play. If you are an expert, you can share your desktop screen with other gamers and you can earn for it. And it also allows you to chat with your viewers and discuss your game. Viewers can also send messages when the video broadcaster is offline.

All the videos streamed on Twitch TV can be watched on your iPhone in HD quality and you can also search games easily. It allows you to view the list of live-streamed videos and follow other channels directly from the video stream. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, etc are some of the games that are featured on iOS. You can also hear commentary while you play the game.

TwitchTV also plans to launch applications on iPad. If you are not an Apple fan, you do not have to worry. TwitchTV is planning to make its platform available to Android users, both on phones and tablets.

Gamers will be hooked to TwitchTV because it has everything. You can stream videos, watch other professional gamers play and learn from them; you can also chat with other gamers. You also get paid for streaming your videos for other viewers while you play. What more can you ask for?