Apple Inc decision to stop offering backlit keyboard in MacBook Air was met with disappointment from users. However, the company has taken note of user’s disappointment and reintroduced backlit keyboard in new MacBook Air update. The company has announced that the new MacBook Air that will be introduced in year 2011 will feature high speed Thunderbird ports, Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and backlit keyboards.

Apple had followed a policy (maintained a decision) of offering a backlit keyboards only in Pro edition of MacBook. It was their simple way to differentiate between consumer notebook and Pro notebook. However, the company ended its year old policy and introduced the backlit keyboard in MacBook Air in year 2008. The company reverted back to its policy and it stopped offering backlit keyboard in consumer notebooks. The MacBook Air line of notebooks introduced in October 2010 did not have backlit keyboards which disappointed the users. The backlit keyboard was considered to be the biggest omission that happened from Apple Inc. The omission also created hug confusion as the Apple Store order page showed backlit keyboard a feature provided in MacBook while the Apple website clearly mentioned in some places that the backlit keyboard will not be offered in low end 2.0 GHz MacBook.

Apple Inc has now announced that it has plans to equip the 1.6″ and 13.3″ MacBook Air models with backlit keyboards. The company has not disclosed the reasons for removing the backlit keyboards in year 2010. There was a speculation that Apple removed the backlit feature from MacBook Air line introduced in October 2010 because it may have affected the battery life of the notebooks. Technical experts and other people however disagree with the reason. They have an opinion that Apple already has good energy saving controls such as light dimmer and the option to shut down the backlight when the MacBook enters standby mode. The company also has so much software expertise that a backlit keyboard would have not made any difference to battery life.

The backlit feature is one of the popular features in MacBook Pro. The backlit keyboard is quite helpful when working in dim light conditions such as planes when everyone is fast asleep. It is also helpful when you are using your MacBook in bed at night. Apple is expected to release the new MacBook Air models in next two weeks. MacBook users are delighted with introduction of backlit keyboards in MacBook Air. The inclusion of backlit keyboard might have some effect on the cost of MacBook Air and also add up some technical issues. People expect Apple Inc should not hike the price of MacBook Air for this feature. They have an opinion that the company will gain from the profits from the complete sell out of new MacBook Air as the backlit feature is popular among MacBook users and enthusiasts.