This is real technology news!

If you love Starbucks coffee but have lately delayed visiting a premise just because of the long queues you had to first deal with, here’s good news for you.

With the mobile ordering system now brought into place by this US-based coffee giant, grabbing your favorite ‘cuppa’ is going to be so much easier. Simply download the mobile ordering app on your smartphone and place your order – by the time you will drive into the premise, your flat white or latte would be ready. This app is sure expected to drive Starbucks’ sales northwards and also provide coffee-lovers with an easier way of ordering and hassle-free coffee sessions.

While the app is presently available for iPhone users only, an Android version of the same is expected to roll out pretty soon, probably before the year ends.

The Mobile Order & Pay app was first tested and released in Portland; thereafter it was released across other parts of the US and very recently in the UK. Kris Engskov, Starbucks president of Europe, Middle East and Africa reiterated that “The role of the coffee shop is fundamentally changing across the world but particularly acute the UK because it is just so competitive…” He further mentioned that “It’s the little details about how do we eliminate the barriers to a great experience, whether it’s a queue, a click or giving someone secure Wi-Fi”.

Besides revamping the way you can order, Starbucks is also planning to provide customers with the fastest Wi-Fi connection and charging mats to help them recharge their iPhone batteries, while they are in a store. This is surely offering consumers the best of technology and that too at no added costs. To bring you these facilities through technology revamp, Starbucks is planning to invest around £30m.

With around 16 million active users already using this app and loving every bit of their mobile session, it sure is as big a hit as is the brands’ coffee. If you’re planning to travel to the UK, you know what you need to download before you land up there, don’t you?