It’s the time of the year again when Santa starts its magical journey from the North Pole to fill your Christmas stockings with lots of goodies and presents. So gear yourself to track your favorite Santa and his reindeers as they travel all across the world, distributing gifts and presents to millions of children, using Google’s revamped Santa Tracker.

For years, Google has teamed up with Northern American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to track Santa on every Christmas Eve. But this year, after losing its traditional partnership with NORAD to Bing, Google is out with its own Santa Tracker, a site that is loaded with lots of goodies to keep you busy till the jolly old elf makes his way to your doorsteps.

At the center, the site shows up a countdown clock that ticks off seconds and help you track Santa’s scheduled departure from the North Pole. The left corner of the page shows a pull-down menu that offers various links to track down Santa on your smartphones, computers, as well as tablets – Google+, an Android app, Chrome browser extension, and Google Earth app.

Google has revamped its Santa Tracker in a very interactive fashion. The left and the right arrows on the page give you a chance to explore Santa’s village, with plenty of hidden goodies to dig up. Google has also placed lots of ‘Easter Eggs’ throughout the village, each loaded with a hidden surprise once you click on them.

Powered by a custom algorithm, Google’s all-new Santa Tracker with Google Maps and Google Earth allows you to chart Santa’s journey from one city to the other, helping you to spot Santa’s exact location, his next stop, seconds left until departure, and the number of presents that have been dropped till that time.

So, let your kids track their Santa and learn some geography lessons on the way.