Trend Micro has released a Chrome browser plug-in and an Android mobile app to mitigate the security threat caused by Heartbleed bug. These two Heartbleed detectors are easily available on Chrome web store and Google Play app store.

The Chrome browser add-on is a multi-platform plug-in, which permits users to enter and detect vulnerable URLs whereas the Android app for it helps you find the affected app. You can then uninstall the app and neutralize the security risk.

The Heatbleed security bug was first detected on April 7 in the open source OpenSSL cryptography library, which is used on a broad scale to execute Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. This posed threat to various Internets’ secure web servers, which were certified by trusted authorities.

Amidst all this, Trend Micro came up with a rescue option to provide effective tools to all Internet users to protect their personal data. It made a vital solution available to users to counteract this bug and continue operating their digital devices without bothering about their security.

This Heartbleed scanner is available for Mac and Windows-based computers to provide essential security feature. Now, Trend Micro has come up with the essential upgrades to its previous version. Its refreshed vulnerability protection solution will save your device against operating system glitches and applications until required patches are installed. Another feature, endpoint encryption, allows preboot authentication and management for Windows Bitlocker and MacOS FileVault native disk encryption.

Though Heartbleed detection is not as easy as it seems, but Trend Micro’s plug-in and mobile app will fetch you accurate result. But in the end, it’s always good to not to rely on detection tool of a single company alone.