Known for producing amazing audio hardware, Turtle Beach has recently added one more headphone under its belt. The new Headphone from Turtle Beach is Ear Force X11 headset. Turtle Beach is known for creating gamers headphones that deliver superb audio quality.

The Ear Force X11 headset from Turtle Beach possess some popular features of the Turtle Beach X31 and Turtle Beach X41 headsets, like an extra-long audio cable that allows you to play your favorite game while sitting on the couch; without worrying about pulling your Xbox out of your entertainment center, along with large ear cups which help you o fit the headphones around your ears, so that you can get maximum entertainment.
The Ear Force X11 headset comes with an adjustable microphone that can be move towards your lips and use it while playing a games involving voice chat. In a single-player game, you can turn the microphone away to get the amazing surround-sound experience.

With the 40mm drivers fitted in to each ear cup, The Ear Force X11 headset comes with built-in bass boost. The Ear Force X11 headset also has an in-line amplifier with which you can control the volume and bass directly from the audio cable.

Apart from the above stated feature, the Ear Force X11 headset also has a microphone monitor that controls the sound output while you are playing a multi player game and chatting with your team mates. Primarily designed for the Xbox 360, the Ear Force X11 headset can also be connected to the Xbox using an audio adapter. You can also connect the Ear Force X11 headphones into your PC with the help of an analog 3.5mm microphone and audio plug.

Currently, there is no information regarding the availability of the Ear Force X11 headset. However, Turtle Beach has announced that the Ear Force X11 headset will be available for $59.95.