Dasient, an Internet security company, has announced on its blog that it has been acquired by giant social media—Twitter. Both sides have kept quiet about the price of the acquisition. Dasient will no longer operate as an independent company; it will now work with Twitter’s revenue engineering team, with immediate effect.

Dasient happily wrote on its blog, “The Dasient team is excited to announce that we have been acquired by Twitter! Effective immediately, we will be bringing our technology, tools, and team to the revenue engineering team at Twitter. By joining Twitter, Dasient will be able to apply its technology and team to the world’s largest real-time information network.”

Dasient was founded in 2008 by three Googlers — Neil Daswani, Ameet Ranadive, and Shariq Rizvi. The company develops anti-malware software to scan malicious threats from websites and protect businesses from web-based virus threats.

This is not only the first time Twitter has acquired an Internet security firm. On November 2011, Twitter purchased Whisper Systems, which was founded last year by hacker and security researcher—Moxie Marlinspike and partner Stuart Anderson. The company doesn’t not have other employees, it consists of Marlinspike and Anderson only. The company specialized in making cryptography technologies to provide maximum security to Android phones.

The purchase of Dasient and Whisper System shows that Twitter is really dedicated towards providing total security to its users. Not only providing security, Twitter is also working hard to compete with other social media sites like Facebook, etc. On January 19, 2012, the company announced that it had acquired Summify, which provides updated news in summary, as the name suggest, by e-mail, mobile, etc.