On Tuesday, Transmit, BBEdit and Opera, the three most popular applications of Mac OS X were updated. The three applications, FTP client Transmit, text editor BBEdit, and the Mac OS X version of Opera’s web browser that run on the MAC OSX received important updates.

First coming to the flagship FTP software Transmit, the FTP software Transmit4 now flaunts much better and improved file transfer speed. The file transfer speed of FTP software Transmit has increased 25 times when it comes to transferring files in bulk. The interface of the FTP software, Transmit is undoubtedly one of the best functioning FTP clients, which runs on the MAC OS X. Some of the features that have been improved include easier file browsing, better path access, and enabling server to server transfers via drag and drop. Transmit has been loaded with an amazing feature known as the new Transmit Disk feature, which mounts your favorite servers as disks within the finder for direct file access and drag-and-drop transfers. This new Transmit Disk feature performs this function even when Transmit is not running.

The other software to get updates is the BBEdit 9 from Bare Bones software. Along with the text editor, BBEdit 9 has also got updates regarding live searching, scripting capabilities, .zip and .tararchive browsing, and Objective-C 2.0 @property declaration recognition. The update also fixed small and big bugs in the software.

Opera web browser is the last software to get the updates. The Opera 10.52 for Mac OS X which is the final release for the 10.5 beta version of the Opera web browser has received a major update regarding the JavaScript performance. With the conformity of the latest version of the Presto rendering engine and an updated Vega graphics library, the speed of the new Opera web browser has also been increased.