Now you do not have to register your Wi-Fi router names and location in Google database. For the past two years Google has been using user’s information from the company’s database while working on its Street View mapping service (Street View mapping service allows users to view the address they are searching for in Google maps). According to Google, users now will have the option to opt out from registering their Wi-Fi router name and location in Google’s database.

So how do you remove your information from Google database?

It’s very simple; you just have to add ‘_nomap’ to your wireless network name. For example, if your service set identifier (SSID) is named as ‘my router’, you need to add ‘my router _nomap’ and instantly all your records will be cleared from Google database. So, this means that whenever people search for your address on Google maps, they will not get any result.

If you find any problem changing your SSID name, you can visit this page. This is Google help page, which gives detail information on how to change your SSID name.

According to sources, Google has been charged for using information of more than 3.6 million router users in Netherland. An agreement between Google and Dutch Data Protection Authority has been made, where users now has the option to opt out of Google database.

Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of Dutch data protection authority said, “We all hope that with enforcement actions like this, the bigger firms will use privacy by design from the start so we don’t need to go into enforcement again.”

If everyone opts out of Google database, the search engine’s ability to provide information through its Google maps will be of no use. So, now Google Street View mapping service totally depends on users. Are you opting out? You can leave your comments below and see how many people are in favor of this new change.