The name Windows has become synonymous with computers. Statistics report that the prediction of nearly around 50% PC’s running with Windows installed in them is coming to be a stark reality for its competitors they will have to accept it. The main reason behind this massive acceleration of Windows8 is mainly due to the great improvements in the budgets of Information Technology during the last & present years respectively. In the highly reactive & profitable markets of North America & Asia Pacific  countries, Windows8 started its immigration in the greater than the greatest of capacity from  4Q10. However the growth of it will be slower in the Middle Eastern & some selective European countries that are struggling with the problem of economic downturns & financial stretches. Japan, being hit by the Tsunami on March 2011 is yet another reason that Windows8 will take some time to engulf, perhaps the most promising computer market of the world.

Another interesting fact is Windows 8 will be the last adaptation of Microsoft OS that will be used by many mega corporate & organizations as a perfect alternative for client computing & other such purposes, with making them move gradually towards the world of exact computations.  Sharing other OS related activities, the performance of Apple iMacs and Mac OS in the PC’S enjoys a significant growth over the last one year. To be sure, Mac OS jumped on to 4% in 2010 against a meager 3.3% in 2008. Similarly, Cupertino’s OS is being remote sensed to be used on 6% PCs in 2015 in comparison to 4% in 2011.

Accepting the Mac PCs and Mac OS resulted in Apple’s performance over the last two years far beyond its expectations. Not only these features but the result can also be credited to the user friendliness & ease to operate from the consumer point of view. The gadgets like i-phone, I-pad, I-pod & many more have already created a space in the heart of its users. As far as the performance of the nearest competitors of Windows, Linux is concerned it is going to be operated in less than one percent of PCs because of its high cost & failure of its Mini Notebook venture. Although its market is being expected to be very niche & homogeneous. But the performance of Chrome OS, Android or webOS is not expected to draw attention in the cyber market for the next five to ten years. It’s very clearly confirmed that if a suitable option for the traditional & old PCs is to be found it is very essential to inculcate very powerful place on the budding consumer gadgets like web books & media tablets respectively.

According to the customer perspective OS-agnostic applications scores over Windows-specific applicative, which can really be the reason of great assistance & help for Chrome OS and Android, take their entry into a profitable market place that can earn it huge remuneration in the coming three to five years.