There are a many organizations and firms who are in the field of manufacturing personal computers. Today this is one of the largest businesses in the world. Even the richest man in the world is related completely to this field. The name of major companies that are giving good competition to each other and also holding their position and reputation in the international market are Apple and Microsoft. Both the companies produce their own operating system. The operating system produced by Apple is known as MAC and Microsoft produces Windows. Since the Apple is removing the DVD drives from its PCs so even Microsoft has decided to finish the deal with DVD support in its PCs. Till date Microsoft has always supported DVD drives in all its PCs. But in the new launch of Windows version, the organization has decided to have no such deal for DVD drive.

The main reason for this decision is the reduced rate of using DVD drives by the customers. Many surveys have shown that the customer rarely uses this drive and the presence of such drive is no longer required. The present updated version of windows 7 are Home premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. All these versions of windows have the DVD support. But the new launch of the windows version has revealed that the DVD support is no more provided. This version of windows is the Windows 8. This operating system is still under process and will be out soon. This fact was revealed when the chief financial officer of the DVD supporting firm officially announced that there is no such deal with Microsoft for the newest version. This clearly states that when this operating system will be launched, the DVD drive will surely be missing.

If this creates any problem for the customer, there are ways to sort this out. The very first thing that the user can do by him is to have a portable drive. This will ultimately increase the facility and comfort of the customer. Whenever the user wants to use it, he can simply do it through the portable one. The other way out to solve this problem is just like earlier, but they can have it inbuilt in the systems by themselves. But the discussion is still going on that whether the DVD support is to be given or not. Even today there are many users who use DVD drives.

There are many gamers who need to have a DVD drive so that they can install their games through the installation disc. Since the steams are not always a good option as it depends on the internet connection. Microsoft just cannot neglect those customers. There are many older PCs who have the drives and could face a problem in the future if required an update. Still Microsoft has not launched the product and till the launch time the customers have to wait to see whether this happens or not.