The largest screen that a laptop can posses is 18.4 inches, & Aspire Ethos AS8951G and AS5951G, are the recent ventures of Acer, which has already hit the market with the same character. If you ask any cyber maniac, he will say about its outstanding features which make this product a king among its similar companions of different companies. The components thrived in it will give you the experience of a media centre with its excellent detachable touch pad, by which you can control this gadget from ten feet.  Really amazing!

As far as the features of AS8951G, is concerned, it comes under the same bracket with other top line laptops other than its colossal foot print. The cover is made out of aluminum & magnesium metal mix most similar as its fore fathers. The category of AS5951G, is little different. It’s blessed with the smartest looks of black which will take your heart away. The screen with its gigantic 18.4 inches length is not the only unique feature in it but, its 1,920-by-1,080 resolution is the perfect character of any laptop that will give its user a notable pleasure in operating it. The best glass which is called Corning’s Gorilla glass is used in the laptop that will provide safety to its screen from scratches & dust. In a package it is just like the perfect choice for any one. The key board of it is slightly different from its previous versions. It is having a backlit feature which was absent in the latter. If you even separate the touch pads from the systems of AS8951G and AS5951G & take it away, you will be able to operate it from a distance of twelve feet. The remote of it can be used to control all the major activities that form the character of any good laptop, like speaker volume, Windows Media Player and iTunes or in a total switch mode by sitting comfortably on your bed. It’s very sophisticated & easy.

If the enormous screen is still not big enough for you can go for an HDMI port that will give you the perfect experience of an even bigger screen & a flatter panel respectively. With the most sophisticated technology of blue ray movies, Firewire, USB 3.0 technology, fingerprint reader & many more it will be a perfect companion for you in your office or home or any where you travel. With five Dolby tuned speakers & subwoofers it will give you the experience of a perfect media centre. The fun of a movie hall is now present in your home. All that you will need to do is to command it, then see the magic. This initiative of Acer has brought a revolution in the laptop world.