It has been one of the most popular operating System that will has brought Microsoft back in to the market of faster computer. Windows 7 after the failure of Windows Vista as emerged as a true leader in the Operating System. Though it is always advisable, to know your operating system so that you can computer better with your computer. Today we will share some handy tips that will help you to understand your computer better. Below are some of the tips.

Step 1: First step that comes in to my brain is safety of the computer. Yes Windows 7 has some feature like BitLocker that actually helps you to protect your drive from unauthorized access. It helps you to set password on the drive and then you can save all your important files in the drive. That means even some one is able to access the computer with user password he may not be able to access the drive which is protected.

Step 2: Please check the junk files on the computer with the help of the inbuilt utilities like disk clean up and defragmentation you can upgrade the speed of the computer as these junk files store lot of memory on the hard disk if not cleaned from time to time. So I would recommend you to clean the temporary folders from time to time to make sure your computer work with good speed.

Step 3: Uninstall the unwanted application from the computer as it is consumes the resources and they are of no good for you. In order to remove the unwanted application open control panel and then look for uninstall a Program or Program and Features. Once you get the list of all the application please remove all the programs and then you should be free of unwanted application and programs.

Step 4: Keep your computer updated with help of the Windows Updates. Every week Microsoft does releases updates for the it’s operating system and it is strongly recommended to download all these updates so that you are able keep the malware at bay. Not only Windows updates but we also recommend you to download the updates for the antivirus as well.

Step 5: And in case you happen to fall in problem which is more complicate than you can solve and are about to approach a professional help please use the utility called PSR (Problem Step Recorder). This tool can be used by clicking Start and then All Program and then type PSR and hit enter then click on the record this will save all the activity that you do and show the exact problem that you facing to the technician you may refer in future or you can analysis it yourself.