In today’s world of technology where innovation is at its peak, every firm or organization is trying to do its best in customer satisfaction. The end user has to be satisfied at any cost. Organizations spend a lot amount of money just for a better feedback for the client or customer. This is because to increase the customer satisfaction rate. One of the biggest organizations named Apple has very reputed market value and holds a better position in the international market. The basic purpose is designing computers for home and office as well. Apple is the only company at this position to give its own operating system. This is generally known as MAC. There are various versions of this operating system varying according to the time of launch. One of its OS X has many features including all areas that the computer can cover. It included the entertainment part as well.

There is a feature in OS X that the user can view media files such as movies, music, photos, TV shows through a uniform media browser in full screen mode. But when the OS X Lion version launched, this essential feature was neglected by the firm and discarded it. This resulted in many complaints from the users that the feature that was discarded was actually not good. However there is a way to get this amazing feature back. It is possible if the user has Snow Leopard running in the system. If the user has another MAC which has Snow Leopard installed in it, then it can show the Front Row feature in the system. The requirement of the files that is required to run this system can be copied easily. Following are the names of the files required to display and access this Front Row feature:
These are the files that are essential for the running of Front Row feature in the newly launched OS X LION. Snow Leopard is actually a type of backup recovery tool for the MAC users. Even an installation DVD can be used if there is no access to the above mentioned files. Any installation DVD of Snow Leopard can do the same job. The very first thing that the user has to perform is to download a package management tool named Pacifist. This helps to extract only the files needed from the installer. Now the user has to open the OS X installer disk and then perform the following steps:
Step 1: Move to the Contents of OSInstall.mpkg> Contents of EssentialSystemSoftware> Contents of EssentialSystemSoftwareGroup>Contents of Essentials.pkg folder.
Step 2: Go to the /Applications/ folder, select “Front” and click the “Install” button to install it, and utilize administrator privileges when installing
Step 3: Go to the /System/Library/CoreServices/ folder, select the “Front” file and likewise install it.
Step 4: Go to the /System/Library/LaunchAgents/ folder and install the “” file.
Step 5: Go to the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ folder and install both the BackRow.framework and iPhotoAccess.framework files.