Ubuntu, the nearest competitor of Windows, has launched its recent version of Ubuntu 11.04 alias NattyNarhwal as a recent activity. The features of this software involves user friendly attributes & it has already proposed the bill as the most easily accessible Linux distribution system overall. With a brand new unity interface criterion it generates a sort of mimicry with the opened source operating system, which many people indulge in doing in their mobiles creating a very simple & sample utility device. It is an easy & very nice innovative way to get the required things done tactfully.

As far as the accessibility is concerned Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, is also going for numerous other benefits like most of the other already in use Linux Distributions respectively. It will make the user enjoy a better security & flexibility option with ease & effectiveness.Ubuntu’s price is also one of the main factors that give it an upper hand over its competitors respectively. To get yourself a convinced note in the area of personal satisfaction, you can go for an easy check out without making any commitment or paying a single penny. It is just a kind of a test drive before you buy a car. Go through the Natty Narwhal slide show for a complete knowledge about the offer & what it can provide you with. Here you will get to know about it with a thorough interface of the system & easily decide its accountability along with its use. It will be done without mixing anything up or creating any kind of confusion in your computer. As with most of the Linux distribution systems, you can go for an easy download of an iso.image followed by placing it upon a CD or any removable hardware device like a pen drive or a USB Stick & carry out the examination with it from this hardware directly without placing any documents or folders in your personal system. But the only drawback with this is that it appears to be slower than an original installation of the Linux software. So please be careful regarding it, affecting your Impression.

If you are not very much comfortable with this process, go for the virtualization process. It is carried out through specific software like for example VMware or Virtual Box. This method is applicable for the server version considering the new trial program of Canonicals. But the favorite approach of all regarding it is the use of Wubi. It will permit you install Ubuntu software within the windows itself & just indulge in removing it to install any other software. A pretty straightforward process. Please do take care that this process called Natty Narwhal will automatically make a clear determination regarding the complete hardware of your system that whether it is capable enough to support the multi touching enabled unity interface. It will make you enjoy a kind of perfect & classic desktop surroundings just like the GENOME.