During the fourth quarter earnings conference, audience were stunned at the statement passed by Paul Otellini the Intel CEO that company will now take part in the growing era of silicon chip which is deign of all client devices. In the call it was declared that the mainstream operating system windows 8 is to support ARM chips. ARM chips are the chips which are the base, building block of the most the smart phones or iphones in today’s time. Consistently Intel shares the top position in the turf of PC devices. The definition of these PC devices is changing rapidly due to great success of ipad. The electronic device ipad is manufacture by Apple. The ipad are considered as client device which is responsible to make Apple in top list of PC client. Records say that in first quarter Apple successfully shipped 9.25 million ipads. Apple ipads which share the center market position run on ARM processor. As Microsoft will introduce Windows 8 to run on ARM chips will hasten the new trends heights in the PC client devices. With this technology alteration not only tablets but on laptop also one can perceive windows 8 environment. Intel is optimizing its silicon chip to feature set of windows 8.From the decades Intel is functioning in traditional computing market now it will apply the advanced silicon transistor technology to these new segments to deliver the lowest power, highest performance, lowest-cost products on the planet. Software compatibility, performance, power, and architectural consistency really matter to every customer. Intel will also indirectly benefit from the surge in device like tablets and smartphones because its processors power most of the world’s servers, which, in turn, are the engines for cloud computing. It is expect the hyper-competitive for Win 8 tablets as Intel will perform compatibility of ARM processor on Win 8 tablets. Intel company strategy is to compete in a future full of devices. The device will be with front end as the “Ultrabook” which will take on features of both a tablet and laptop, supported with back end Intel technology. With this technology there will be Atom in a wide array of tablets running with three different operating systems environment. By designing an Atom-based tablet; it can run multiple OS on it, which is a unique value proposition with Intel. The Intel company exit last year i.e. 2010 with excellent momentum in embedded business with over 4,900 total design engagements and over 1,700 design wins for embedded Atom devices. This excellence is also will be applicable to the smartphone, tablet, and consumer electronics segments. With this brace Intel the Chipmaker will faces an unpredictable future inhabited by PCs running Windows 8 on processors from challenger ARM.