Microsoft campaigns the new O.S with an expression to get-up -and -go

Windows XP, the most popular O.S in the whole planet is going to bid farewell to users. As, recently it has been found that web metrics organizations net application has about 27% of share in using Windows 7,though XP is still powerful with 51% found in all the home PC’s. If such trends keep proceeding, we can see that Windows 7 can’t overtake XP until and unless it becomes a year more, maybe in middle of 2012

Business firms are all dependent on Windows XP for most of their jobs, as it has been found by the researcher, Forrester that over 60% of the total PC which are enterprise oriented are having XP as the backbone.

Now Microsoft themselves has portrayed Windows XP as OS of yesterday. Previously, the executives of IE team commented Windows XP as the ‘Lowest Common Denominator’ as it will not execute the IE9 or any succeeding browsers. Thus the team has decided to write off all the products which are obsolete The usual Conference WPC(Worldwide Partner Conference) of Microsoft was held, when Steve Ballmer ,the CEO inaugurated with Windows 7 with a sales of 400 million license to users .

According to the reports, Microsoft took its best step to convince people to go for the newer version of Windows, i.e. Windows 7 instead of Windows XP by simply commenting sarcastically that there are only 1000 days of life remaining in the older operating system.

Stephen Rose, who maintains the team for the Windows commercial and who is the community manager for IT observed and supported the above phrase.

‘Purchase Windows 7 now and you can preserve the same PC for up gradation of new version for Windows (Windows 8)’ is now the motto of Microsoft.

According to Rose, “Windows XP overpowered all the other older versions and its lifetime was alarming and millions of users are really thankful to the same. But now it’s time to think new, feel new “and also added the phrase of older operating system‘s life as not more than 1000 days. She said, “The XP which has a long run of 10 years should have stayed more and thus Microsoft has kept their words to patch XP by 8th of April 2014 which has bit more than 1000 days to go. In depth, though nothing may happen after that to Windows XP, PC’s running with this O.S have to face security threats .Moreover many of the third party vendors are not offering any support for the applications executed on Windows XP which  renders to more complex risks of security and finally will also add the management price for your IT.”

The statistics or remarks got from survey is that, ‘Microsoft has its work cut down in migrating people from the XP’