Here we will discuss how to reinstall the operating system without losing the data from your computer. Here we will discuss for Operating system Windows XP. You can find what your operating system is by simply restarting the computer. You would see it either says Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP.

Here we will discuss parallel installation which will be as good as fresh installation but will not delete the old operating system. And once it is completed we can manually choose to copy all the document and images and transfer them to your new windows even if you don’t have an external drive.

Let’s start; we would need Windows XP CD to run parallel installation.

Step 1: Enter the CD in your CD Drive. Do that when your computer is turned on and then turn off the computer and then moment it comes back again look carefully you would get a screen on the computer that would say the Name of the manufacturer of your computer. Once you get pass it you will see a screen that says “Press Any Key too boot from CD” moment you see that screen please hit any key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now at times you will notice that you will not get the screen and computer will load to your desktop in that case please check the steps to get in the BIOS of your computer which can be found in manual of your computer and is brand specific. In case you are finding it difficult to find try F2 or Delete Key.

Step 3: Once you are in the BIOS of your computer. Try to look for Boot Order which would show CD ROM, make sure it is at the top if not use “+” sign to change the order. And then restart the computer again and wait for the screen that says “Press Any Key To Boot From CD…”

Step 4: Once you get the screen to boot from CD and you enter a key you world land up in a Black screen that would say “Setup is inspecting your computer’s hardware configuration… “ Do not worry if you don’t get that screen and it loads to your desktop you may have missed as it stays only for 5 sec. Try again

Step 5: It would take you through some screen and then you will get a screen to load windows XP. All you have to do is just hit the enter key to install windows XP. And on the next screen you will have to accept the agreement called EULA by pressing F8.

Step 6: In the next screen you would get screen that would ask for fresh installation in order to save your old files please press esc and on next screen press Enter so that your new windows can be installed on C: drive you will also have to confirm the same by pressing C in the following screen.

Step 7: Now you will get a option of choosing Leave the current File system intact (No changes). Please chose the same so none of your files are deleted. And now again Windows will ask you if you want to delete the old files just press ESC. And then in next screen you will be asked to change the name of Folder where you will install the new Windows. Please rename it to WINXP so that even if you forget it we can help you to find it as it is the universal name used in this step.

Step 8: Following steps are automatic. So you can just grab a cup of coffee as it can take up to 70 min to complete. Somewhere at the end it will ask you to once enter the Language that too is very simple just chooses it from the drop down menu and just name your computer.

Step 9: Once you are at your desktop please go in to my computer and look for C: and then look for Windows Folder i.e. your old windows and then copy the entire document and then delete the folder once your are done.