With each & everything up to the mark & for keeping it in the perfect condition you have upgraded your system & installed Windows 7 software in it. As far as patching is concerned it is complete along with each & every drivers being updated & very exceptional in the safety & security part. It might even make you get a brand new hardware for making your system more upgraded. All the things are done but still the old Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) irritates you from the high definition screen which seems like taunting. It is obvious. Let us take an illustrated look at it. Although the above mentioned problem occurs, the good part of it is you can uproot this problem by using a specific kind of a tool that is well known as Windows debugger tool. The problem will be sorted out in minutes & it is free of cost.

As far as the method & procedure is concerned it is very simple & easy. If we turn back the pages of the cyber world & go back to the period of Windows XP (2005), we can notice the solving procedure for mending & gearing up Windows if it crashes. That procedure is applied but in a little high definition way, since the software’s used now are much secured & sophisticated. It will make you solve the problem in minutes, no matter whether you are in office or home along with making you an adroit in crash resolution techniques. According to Andre Vachon, principal development lead at Microsoft, Microsoft Windows is on the spree of resolving this problem of Windows crashes by using the same system for operation in a nutshell & driving both the system & the user on the interfaces that are similar.

The debugger system uses the same process for debugging the files & floders.He referred to Windows 7 with the idea of applying practical information on the various other recent releases but also making the legacy versions return to Windows 2000 very essentially. Generally the reason for crashing the Windows 7 is that the maturity level of it is directly proportional to the stability. While the operating systems have been upgraded to 64bit from a minimal 32 bit, the characteristics have become more extravagant & sophisticated.

Although user friendliness is one of the best characters of Windows; it has also given huge emphasis on the safety level too. Along with a larger footprint & other such features, it has grown tougher for bringing it down to the original state respectively. But however it doesn’t surrenders even now. Taking the advantage of a very nice & authentic protection procedure, Windows make many applications run at a time. This process is termed as the very famous & well known Ring Protection scheme. In the Kernel Mode, the software is booned with an unprecedented access to the hardware. It will make the user know that the crashes that will occur in this specific mode are completely due to the failure of the systems which requires a rebooting service. This is the place essentially where you will get to find the operating system kernel code for maximum of the drivers. This is the way hot it works.