A user can find a variety of featured in Windows 7. Microsoft has added so many features and functionality in Windows 7 for the users. It is mainly designed to support the idea of great user experience.

Here are some of the ways to make the Windows 7 work faster:

Use jump list:

It is best known efficiency weapon in Windows 7. In the previous version of windows operating system, it used to show the recently used applications in the Start Menu. In Windows 7 user can add multiple items in the Jump list as required.

It gives the facility to add the most commonly used application in a place where it could be accessed effectively.

Context Menu

It provides the common functionality of the application. You can access this option by pressing Shift key with the right mouse click. It will show you the expanded list of the Context menu

Use Sleep functions

It is one of the best option fir the users who works in chuck or in installments. If you are working and busy in two or three different things and you need to leave your system idle occasionally, then you can always use the Sleep function.

It saves the power and also saves the current settings and working application intact so that it will load the same settings and application back once it returns from the Sleep mode.

Use Windows XP mode:

This is one feature which allows low end computers to run the operating system appropriately.

For an example, you have a low Ram or the hardware is in such a manner which does not supports the high end system resolution then you can always resume to the Windows XP mode which disable all the jazzy visual effects and make the Windows & visibility as Windows XP.

This Mode is also useful if you are using some high and video or picture editor software which uses the most of the system resources.

Check device compatibility:

Device compatibility is one system which makes all the devices in same network rub in sync.

IF you have a home network and using yr smartphone, printer, or any other device, then you can always use this function to check if all the devices are compatible with the operating system. It can also be used to share and transfer data amongst all those devices available in the network.

These simple tips can help you to work faster with Windows 7 operating system. You might know a lot about the troubleshooting and the other stuffs related to software and programming but it is always good to know all the know-how of the operating system and it is the platform where all the application would work.