Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8 comes equipped with a range of advanced features and options. It enables you to get all the latest live updates at a glance and access anything just with a click or a tap. However, with so many intriguing features, Windows 8 also boasts some shortcomings. One of them is the missing Start menu. Yes, Windows 8 comes without the Start menu.  And all those who have been an ardent user of Windows operating system may have a really tough time to navigate through the system, especially when it comes to Shutdown or Restart your system. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem. And this problem can also be rectified merely by creating a shortcut.

Create Shortcut for Shutdown on Windows 8

As the newest Windows 8 doesn’t sport the Start menu, at time it gets extremely complicated and time consuming to find the commonly used shortcuts like shutdown and restart. The below given step-by-step process will help you create shortcut for Shutdown and Restart in Windows 8.

Step 1:
In order to create a shortcut, first switch your Windows to desktop view. For this, you can either press the Windows logo + D on the keyboard. Or else, just right click anywhere on your desktop.

Step 2: From the small list of options, select ‘New’ and then go to ‘Shortcut’ from the context menu. You will get a ‘Create Shortcut’ window. Under ‘Type the location of item:’ type ‘shutdown –s-t 00’.

Step 3: Click on ‘Next’. You will get a ‘Create Shortcut’ window. Under ‘Type a name for this shortcut’, type ‘Shutdown’.

Step 4: After that, choose an icon to the shortcut key for identifying easily. For this, right-click on the shortcut you just made. Then in the context menu click on ‘Properties’ and select ‘Shortcut’. Go to ‘Change Icon’ and choose a desired picture.

Step 5: To display the shortcut as Windows tile, create a shortcut on the desktop. For this, go to the shortcut you made and right-click on it. Then select ‘Pin to Start’. Immediately, you will be able to see the shortcut as a tile on your Windows screen.

Create Shortcut for Restart on Windows 8

Step to create shortcut for Restart button on Windows 8 operating system are same as mentioned above steps to create Shutdown button. You can also watch this video for instructions to create Restart button.

Wasn’t that really simple! You see, sometimes, choosing shortcuts can really make our lives simpler.