Since the debate has started over will Windows 8 be the next best Operating system ever many also consider that the operating the system has promised to come up with many new features. Quick startup and 3D view are just few of them. Going through the leaked Windows 8 images and videos one gets felling that there is some good substance to what Microsoft claims. Windows 8 is believed to be an open source and is being developed by the help of developers from Microsoft as well as from Outside Microsoft. The new browser and new task manager are just adding the excitement to the Windows 8 release that is scheduled next year.

MAC book which can take about 16 sec to boot up to the desktop has been the fastest OS at this point of time and Windows 7 with a solid hardware state and good configuration (We are not considering MSCONFIG utility) can help you to boot your Windows Laptop as fast as 30 sec. But with Windows 8 the time has been slashed down to 8 sec. You can expect the desktop to be ready to use by 8 sec. Thanks to the advance hibernate state that would help Microsoft to cut down the reboot time. Those who had been complaining of limitation to x86 microprocessor from AMD and Intel will have a reason to cheer up as with release of Windows 8 you can use ARM microprocessor with your windows. Additional benefits like Microsoft‘s Hyper –V virtualization tool which has been available only with Windows Server. With additional to the above features one can also expect to get the bundle of application which has made it more popular .i.e. one will not have to purchase Office as it will be included with the Windows 8. Not only Office 2011, but many more application t will be available for the users through the Windows Chanel as per their requirement.

Coming back to the startup of the Windows 8 which again is main attraction of the new Windows which is to reboot by 8 sec looks more real at this point of time in light of the latest release of Rapid Start technology which was demonstrated by Intel, it can bring you back to your desktop within 5 seconds. Though Microsoft have not confirmed if it will be used with the Windows 8 but at this point of time one cannot ignore the possibility of turning the computer back within 8 sec if technology like Rapid Start have already evolved. We would wish all the best to Microsoft for Windows 8 and hope it brings the new revolution to the faster computers.