Logitech makes various types of keyboards; it also makes Bluetooth PS3 keyboards. The mini keyboards are compatible with USB connectivity only. The Logitech PS3 keyboards are also available with track pad but these keyboards have less key than the standard keyboards. These mini keyboards usually lack the number pad. These keyboards are compatible with laptops and if you have Bluetooth connectivity then just forget about USB or PS3 connectivity. You can connect the keyboard via Bluetooth with the PC.

You just have to follow these instructions given below.


If you have a PC with USB port then the first step is to plug the dongle into the USB port on the PC. While connecting the keyboard make sure that PC is off. Now after connecting it with PC, turn on the keyboard. You can locate the power button on the keyboard; it is normally placed on the bottom of the keyboard or top of the keys.

Now turn the computer on, as soon as it will start the keyboard drivers will begin to install. When the installation will complete then you can see that the keyboard status light will start blinking. It means that keyboard is ready to use and it is connected safely to the computer.


If your PC has Bluetooth connectivity then the first step should be to turn on the keyboard. Just locate the switch it should be on the bottom or top of the keys. Now go to start menu on the bottom left side of the computer screen, then click on the control panel. In the control panel window click hardware and sound then click on the Bluetooth in the list provided by that window.

Now click on the device and choose properties and then click on the option in the Bluetooth device box. In that box you have to choose the option allow Bluetooth device to find this computer and also allow Bluetooth device to connect to this computer.  After performing all these operations just click on the OK to finish the operation. When you click OK the status light of the keyboard will light up and you will be able to work with the keyboard connected to the computer.

We recommend you to check all the connections after connecting to the computer. Some times you can connect the Bluetooth keyboard to the computer while your PC is on but after connecting you need to restart the computer to finish the installation. When the computer recognizes the device it will tell you to restart the computer to finish the installation, otherwise the connection will not be established or it will not work properly.

These Bluetooth keyboards also need extra care and you should be more aware about the keyboard functionality. Like any standard keyboard keep these keyboards clean and sanitize otherwise it will not work properly and you will get annoyed while typing the keys. We hope this article will be helpful fore you.