AT&T of New York conducted some special function in which HTC Status was also exposed with its new and upcoming products

HTC Status is actually the U.S. version of the product HTC ChaCha, which was first launched at the Mobile World Congress. HTC Status was first contrived with the Facebook. Its initial handset was particularly customized for the social networking site and characterizes a consecrated Facebook button, so that you can post the updates in the simplest manner. With the help of HTC Status you can share some of the links, music trails etc. You can even sign in, thus creating an account for yourself, upload images or any personal photos and it has got many more features. The product is supposed to be available from 17th of July at the rate of $49.99 along with two year guarantee.

A survey has been done by the unit, so a full evaluated version is soon going to be in the market, but meanwhile some of the impressions of the new HTC Status are as follows which makes them top in the market.

The Facebook button genuinely makes one to keep in touch with the social networking site without any need to open the original application. Pressing the button fetches an output screen where you can send an update to a status or send some message or information on friend’s screen. In the meantime with the button pressed for  longer duration, allows verifying into a location. The button also reacts according to the action or context which means that if you are ever in an application like browser or camera, the key will light up reminding that you can upload the pictures or send a link through Facebook.

The keyboard has got QWERTY type keys in it. This type of keyboard is splendid which has large ellipse type buttons with ample space with upright keys which helps to type easily. One of the huge advantages about this is that, those having huge thumb finger can also type comfortably.

The HVGA monitor is a touch screen with 2.6 inch which happens to be bit small. Though there are menus of Android system present for minute display, it is difficult to seek a small text on the output and to migrate back to the phone.HTC has taken care to maintain quality and thus it has been designed perfectly. The HTC Status is both dainty as well as compact and characterizes a unicameral design which is both solid and slender.

The price tag being low-priced, HTC Status will definitely appeal the public niches which are of age 18 to 24 years.