Security is the main point of concern today. Each firm and organization is spending a lot amount of money into its security management. The security of data and the network plays the major role. There are many masterminds in the world who have only one business that is to hack other systems and modify or the harm the data present. So the basic priority is to protect the company’s data from these kinds of hackers and let the consumers feel secured from the company they are attached to. There are various methods to secure the consumers data that are contained by the companies. And also the firm’s personal data can be targeted. There are many confidential documents that can be leaked out. It can be any defense’s highly confidential data that can be hacked and used against the nation itself.

The major victims of such hackers are the mobile voicemails in UK. There were more than four thousands voicemail accounts hacked by the journalists from the London based newspapers. After this incidence it was revealed that these activities are very easy to perform. Actually the hackers used to use the commercial available caller id services and they used to place a phone call with the same number of the intended victim. If there is no password protection to the account, the message would simply play. Due to this reason even the AT&T which the second biggest wireless provider in the United States was forced to change its policy. Now the new cell phones that will be launched, it would have passwords on voice mail accounts in their default settings. This will control the voice mail accounts to be hacked from the hackers. Even the present customers that are in a mood to upgrade will be provided the facility of password protection.

The subscribers will be required to enter a four digit personal identification number to get into their voice mail accounts. Now this four digit number will work for the customers as their password. But still this isn’t enough according to many organizations. This is so because any random person can call to a call center and request to change the pin. And thus again the customer will be unsafe from the hackers. So it can be that there must be more than two factors for authentication. But still at last the two factors will be any kind of personal information like the last bill paid and social security number. But still this information can be cracked by any unauthorized personal. So there must be any other way to perform this task. So there are many firms and organizations working on this prospective and soon there will be solution to this. Thus to end such kind of activities there has to be a master mind that has to work so that the customers or the subscribers can rely and think of their voice mail accounts to be safe and secure.