There are apps today available for practically everything – from locating your misplaced smartphone to keeping a track of your fitness regimen. So, as you can see, apps make a lot of things easier for us. They help us simply life and many mundane chores that would otherwise perhaps be boring or lengthy. But, isn’t that what technology is meant for?

In the midst of this, apps have also entered educational institutions. They are simplifying the lives of students and also giving the institutions a platform to share the latest happenings, announce the upcoming events and, connect resources both internal and external to help guide students when they need it the most. TechGenie takes this opportunity to share with you a few chances that you too could cash upon, with respect to apps that are handy and can prove very useful for college goers.


This is an evergreen app that help students and professionals alike. While the latter can use it to record their digital documents up in the cloud, the former can use this app to store all their notes, presentations and everything else that they need to complete their college studies. Available for free and with a storage space of 2GB, Dropbox is certainly what you need to access your files, work on them, share them with friends and so on.


This is yet another app to organize your college life – yes, this can be pretty tough and so Trello strives to make things smoother for you. Available for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and Windows 8, Trello lets you create boards, share them and even use them to assign tasks to other fellow members. Using this app your group can easily collaborate over completing the project and that too on time as you can set specific dates to chase the delivery. Isn’t this a wonderful app? You could opt to use the desktop or the mobile version of this app.


If you are looking for an app to help schedule your tasks, track your assignments, or monitor group study sessions, all you’ll need is the iStudiez app. This can help you do this and more. The designers of iStudiez have specifically kept in mind the needs of students and therefore have created this app that is compatible with all devices, irrespective of the model and brand. While the complete version of the app is available for $10, you can also check out its base version iStudiez Lite for free, before you actually purchased the final version.


A flexible and robust organizational tool for students would surely be Evernote. Simple to install and use, Evernote lets you take care of a host of tasks including creating notes, syncing them across multiple devices, snapping photos, organizing notes, annotating notes and even storing sketches and handwritten notes.


If you own a Mac or an iPhone, you would be glad you downloaded this app! No, it won’t certainly teach you how you can procrastinate; rather, it will help you get rid of this nasty little habit. Use this to organize your notes, set priority levels, and make even the toughest projects manageable by breaking them into smaller and more realistic targets.

So, with these handy apps to accompany you to your college, you are absolutely prepared to go back to school! Do let us know which out of this list you preferred and how many apps you’re planning to check out today…