While you are browsing the web on your iOS 9, it could be a frustrating situation to find that the Internet connection is pathetically slow and web pages are talking forever to open. You can’t do much about the slow connection, can you? But, you can surely do a lot about opening pages faster even when the connection is just a bar or two of the Edge signal! Well, you have, to your saving grace, the content blocker app – Speedafari to your rescue.

For the uninitiated, Speedafari isn’t just one of the several content blocking apps available on your iOS 9 mobile device. Rather, it is an intelligent app that helps you load web pages faster by blocking all the unwanted portions in the page that mostly comprise of ads, tracking scripts and specialized fonts.

How does Speedafari work?

When you will run the Speedafari app for the first time, it will ask you to add the widget to your Today screen. It is here you can manage the app – turn it on or off, set its level of aggressiveness, etc.

So, to make the app work for you – block unwanted contents so that a website will load up faster – you’ve got to enable it. To do so,

  • Go to Settings and tap on Safari.
  • Open up Content Blockers and toggle the Enable option.

Return to the Today screen and launch Safari and start using it. If the connection is slow at this moment, you’ll be glad you enabled it for you will notice that the pages are opening up quicker than they did last time when the Internet connection was slow.

To let you decide the aggressiveness level with which you want the app to work, you can select the one that best suits your preference:

  • Low: To block tracking scripts and ads
  • Medium: To block all scripts on a page and also fonts
  • High: To block everything else apart from the main HTML; this is more like only the text view of the page to let you focus on the main content portion of the page

While many websites do not view ad-blockers as a good option, especially the ones that rely on web ads to generate revenue, these blockers nevertheless enhance the browsing experience for a mobile user. The next time you face a sluggish connection issue on your iOS 9, don’t forget to make use of the Speedafari app!