Are you one of the 40 million Netflix streamers? Watch out, if you are using this great website of Netflix to stream an entire season of any television series because using this site could pose severe threat to your computer. According to Malwarebytes’ Corporation, malware writers are exploiting the vulnerability in Microsoft Silverlight 5 to attack computers which access websites which require Silverlight; Netflix website is one of them.

Microsoft Silverlight vulnerability

If you want to use Netflix website, you need to install Microsoft Silverlight, an alternative to Adobe Flash. Microsoft has developed this software as a framework for writing and running rich web Internet applications, even though Adobe Flash is more prevalent. Malwarebytes’ has revealed in its blog that the security flaw was found in earlier versions of Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20125.0 enable malware writers to write malicious programs on compromised systems without having to do any user interaction. The exploit was first found in Angler Exploit kits.

How it affects Microsoft Silverlight?

Microsoft has earlier addressed and patched the security flaw; but now the exploit is spotted to allow malware attackers to run arbitrary codes on affected systems. As spotted for the first time by Chris Wakelin (‏@EKwatcher) and @kafeine has analyzed how the malware attack works on Netflix website.

When the Angler exploit kit is on the exploit webpage and asserts which version of Microsoft Silverlight has been installed on the computer, through the exploit. If the Angler exploit kit determines that the computer is in good condition, it creates a library to exploit the vulnerability of Microsoft Silverlight. Though only a small number of websites needs Microsoft Silverlight to run, but Netflix is one of them. Since Netflix has a whopping 40 million users who are using the website for steaming content, hence the mass of people to be at risk of this Microsoft Silverlight vulnerability is high.

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