If we take up the account of the windows registry system, we will find out that it is a specific database that enables to operate your system’s settings & configurations. It includes everything including the movement of your mouse above the taskbar & performance settings too.  With more exotic features, Windows7 will improve the overall performance of your system including strong back ups speeding up the overall tweaks & registry hacks respectively. It will prevent awkward situations & operating it is very simple. You must be aware that incorrect changes can readily hang up your system & it is just like a very major precautionary measure for preventing such accidents to happen. But it involves some processes that you are ought to follow.

Like using a sort of Registry-specific backup tool ERUNT (Emergency Recovery Utility NT). It is very user friendly & as far as system restoration is being concerned, its work is more reliable & independent. The main good news is that it works very efficiently with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. But keep in mind regarding the individual change of Windows Registry since it will be in the requirement of replacing the registry’s export feature too. The process of doing the same is as follows: Go to start option followed by run. Then you will have to type regeit & proceed by pressing the yes button. This method is mainly for making the registry editor to open up. Then make sure about the particular registry that you are going to replace, followed by pressing the export button. Then the registry editor itself will urge you for saving the specific file document in the hard drive. For undoing this system, just find out the reg. file & make double click on it. With resetting the registry values it will make sure that the added information will not be removed. Amazing! Isn’t it? The back up for your registry is complete & now you can easily carry forward the process of hacking. The process is like going to the start button followed by run. This process is very much applicable for Windows Vista/7. This will make the registry editor open up automatically.

  • Hack 1:
    Make a very quick tweak especially for speeding up the aero peek by clicking on the larger image view. 500 milliseconds being the normal delay time for it will gain the ultimate speed that you are expecting from it.
  • Hack 2:
    It is the way to make your taskbar previews get faster. The process is just to speed up the Process & goes in accordance to Hack1 procedure. The time you roll on the taskbar icons, you can notice very small previews appearing especially in Windows Vista & Windows7. As far as their delay time is concerned, they perform it under half a second, which may be too long for you! Use the process of registry hacks by adjusting this time limit & just see the difference.
  • Hack 3:
    The easiest part of this process. It involves speeding up the menus by use of a very simple Easy registry tweak. You can speed up the menus in your Windows Vista or Windows7 By using it.
  • Hack 4:
    The best process for someone who always forgets to log off! It may cause the occurrence of Automatic system reboots. This event happens after windows download some information &followed by a kind of a notification giving you a prolonged & irritating warning of ten to fifteen minutes. These reboots especially creates problem if the documents that you have opened are very essential or you are having many windows opened up in your system at a time. The process involves an automatic rebooting procedure with a very easy registry process.
  • Hack 5:
    Another simple tactic by just disabling the balloons giving you notifications. A very easy installation with the simple registry hack procedure.
  • Hack 6:
    Use a very quick registry procedure to make your weak speed up the Windows XP.But doesn’t forget to exit from the registry editor. After that restart your system & work upon it. It’s very easy & convenient.