Staggering number of malware threats and hacking attacks have been reported this year; with some of those being identified as new found threat while some threats are reported to have re-emerged from the past. One of such old mobile security threat has given nightmares to Android users on Monday. According to the sources, a new mobile Trojan has been found to strike Android users. The mobile Trojan is referred as Android/Marchcaban.A.

Sneaky mobile Trojan masks as official banking app

Similar to other Trojan programs, Android/Marchcaban.A mobile Trojan impersonates as a legitimate program. The Trojan disguises itself as an official mobile app of a Spanish bank, Banca March which is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca. This Android malware has been spotted by a renowned security company F-Secure. According to the security vendor, Android/Marchcaban.A works under different entities but, mostly under the alias and variants of ‘Bancamarch.’

F-Secure has also revealed in their analysis that the mobile Trojan program is created to gather details on the infected Android devices. This Android malware extracts critical information about the infected device; and this includes phone model, OS version, IMEI number, and the country where the mobile phone is being used. Once installed, the mobile Trojan can send messages and make calls using a particular phone number. The phone number the Trojan is using to make calls or send messages has been earlier used by another mobile malware as known as Spitmo malware which infected Symbian-based mobile phones in 2010.

Furthermore, F-Secure also revealed that “We also suspect that it’s a component of another malware, possible a banking Trojan that runs on PC.” Currently, F-Secure security vendor focuses on collecting and researching on this new Android/Marchcaban.A Trojan to reveal more details on the mobile Trojan.

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